Here is a photo summary of our trip to Vermont, May 2011. 

Cary, Leigh Ann and Frank Newman.


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University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm, Weybridge, VT,

near Middlebury.  The former USDA Morgan Horse Farm.

UVM barn, built in mid 1800's.  Purchased and used by Col. Joseph Battell

for his Morgans.  Later in 1907 Battell gave it and about 500 acres to the

U.S. Gov't  and became the USDA Morgan Horse Farm.

Click here to see USDA Yearbook of Agriculture 1926 Morgan Horse Record.

Statue of Figure (Justin Morgan) created in 1920.  See it in the above photo of the barn.

Skeleton of Black Hawk.

McClellan U.S. cavalry army saddle and buggy.

Frank and Leigh Ann in front of horses stalled behind the gift shop.

All housed inside the UVM barn.

UVM mare and foal.

Remount Barn, now used as maternity ward for the mares.

UVM mare.

Downstairs in the barn.  Notice ramp that people and horses use

instead of a staircase.

Inside the UVM barn.

Stalls with UVM horses in them, on the left.

Frank looking out of the UVM barn at Figure's (Justin Morgan) statue.

Middlebury, VT.  Same doorway as in the photo below of the Middlebury Inn..

Calvin Cooliage and Joseph Battell, at the Middlebury Inn.

The National Morgan Horse Museum, located

in Middlebury, VT.

Cary and Leigh Ann at Randolph, VT.

Randolph Center, VT.

Frank and Cary at the grave marker for Justin Morgan (the man)

in Randolph Center, VT.

Memorial marker for (Figure) Justin Morgan (the horse) near Tunbridge, VT.

This is just down the road from Marilyn Childs farm.

The real grave marker for Figure (Justin Morgan) on Marilyn Childs farm.

Cary, Marilyn Childs and Leigh Ann.  It was so much fun to get to

visit with Mrs. Childs at her home.  For more information on Mrs. Childs

and her influence on the Morgan breed, click here to see her


Marilyn Childs farm, Harolyn Hill Farm, near Tunbridge, VT.  This

pasture is where Figure (Justin Morgan) spent his last years.