Updated 6/11/2017


Old classic style Morgan horses for sale:


The Morgan is a horse with substance and speed, yet with a combination of beauty and refinement not found in other breeds.

What makes the Morgan breed unique, is it has not been bred for a  limited single specific purpose or an emphasis on a specific coat color/pattern.  It has been bred for it's unique, versatile general purpose saddle confirmation, Morgan "type" with a baroque top line, endurance, beauty and kind family friendly disposition.  The Morgan is the only breed where all individuals trace back to one founding stallion, Justin Morgan foaled in 1789, making it America's oldest breed.  Morgans have an average size of between 14.1 to 15.2 hands.

Standard of Perfection for Morgan Horses (description).

Some of the Morgans in our pedigrees have been AAA rated winners in quarter mile racing against the Quarter Horse breed.  Such as, Chuckanut Hacienda and Squire Burger.  Also, many Morgans that have been National celebrities by holding track records in light harness racing and were household names in the 1800's.  This was before baseball and trotting racing was the National pastime with a track in every small town and a race held weekly on Sundays.  Morgans were King of the track.  A couple that come to mind are Blackhawk and his son Ethan Allen.  You probably have noticed weather vanes on top of roofs, Curier and Ives dinner plates and greeting cards bearing Ethan Allen's likeness, yet seen today.

Our focus.

We focus on breeding for correct Morgan conformation "type" and gentle disposition.  We have bred for a long sloping shoulder, short back, medium length neck, deep girth, straight legs, short cannon bones, good feet, clean in the throat and a big bright intelligent eye.  Our horses have substance with refinement.  They are not coarse or drafty in build or movement, but are smooth and elegant moving under saddle and light on their feet. They are also very "cowy" and fast for stock work. 


We start the human bonding process by imprinting our foals early and continue with good fundamental basics in halter, ground work and trailer loading.  We have put a good amount of training into them all along the way.  They are not turned out to learn to be wild, until time to saddle train, like some farms.  This makes a big difference on how they will trust people and be easier to train.

Take a look at our horses for sale on this page.  The perfect match for you may be one of those listed below.

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We are expecting 2017 foals out of the following crosses:

Cream Ridge Marty x Leighway's Quantum Star

Cream Ridge Marty x CLM Panther's Jewell

Cream Ridge Marty x Shady Shadow Serenity

Cream Ridge Tornado x Cream Ridge Maryanna





Cream Ridge Carew JJ

Cream Ridge Carew JJ

Cream Ridge Carew JJ (Cream Ridge Marty x BCJ Zephyrstar Adel) foaled 6/14/2014, brown, gelding.     $2,000.


Affectionately called "Jazzy Jeff", will mature into a jazzy looking Morgan!  Probably mature to around 14.1 to 14.2h.  Senatefield, Beamington, UVM bloodlines.

Reference photos:

Cream Ridge Marty

BCJ Zephyrstar Adel






Cream Ridge Macintosh FN, Photo taken on 2/5/2017.

Cream Ridge Macintosh FN (Cream Ridge Marty x Aheda Loca EM) foaled 5/8/2015, bay gelding.  Frank Newman's FFA project horse for 2015.  $2,000.


Very handsome, wide between big kind eyes.  One cross to Roland G. Hill.  4 crosses to Fleetfield.  Out of a 15.2h mare.

Reference photos:

Aheda Loca EM, Macintosh's dam.

Cream Ridge Marty, Macintosh's sire.


Morgan stallion, Roland G Hill.



Cream Ridge Remolino, foaled 5/7/2017.

Cream Ridge Remolino, foaled 5/7/2017.

Cream Ridge Remolino (Cream Ridge Tornado x Cream Ridge Maryanna) bay colt, foaled 5/7/2017.  $2,000.


Reference photos:

Sire:  Cream Ridge Tornado

Dam:  Cream Ridge Maryanna




Cream Ridge Julius FN.

Cream Ridge Julius FN (Cream Ride Marty x CLM Panther's Jewell) black colt, foaled 4/25/2017.  $2,000.


Reference photos:

Sire:  Cream Ridge Marty

Dam:  CLM Panther's Jewell



Cream Ridge Regency.  Photo taken on 6/11/2017.

Cream Ridge Regency (Cream Ridge Marty x Leighway's Quantum Star) 2017 bay colt.  Foaled 6/2/2017.   $2,000.


Referece photo:

Windhover Regency